The Weakley County Reconciliation Project (WCRP) believes that conversations based on discovery and acknowledgment of our shared history are critical to the success of our community and region. Our work is to learn who we are and how we can be better. We are creating a social environment where civil, mature, and respectful conversations happen while learning who we are and how we can be better. Rather than blaming, shaming, or accusing anyone, we embrace our uniqueness and diversity and seek to use these qualities to fuel our continued progress toward becoming a leading community in Northwest Tennessee. Whatever your experience or perspective, we want to hear from you.

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08/14/2021 General Meeting Recording
Civil War/Confederate Monuments, Dr. David Coffey

Dr. Coffey joined us to reprise his talk from the 2021 Civil Rights Conference on the Civil War and America’s love/hate relationship with the Confederate Flag and Confederate Monuments. His talk comes in the context of the recent removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s status from the Tennessee Statehouse.

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1 week ago

I was in a workshop a few months ago and heard a white male facilitator say: "whiteness is rarely experienced by people who are white."Today supports his statement! Think it through! ...
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1 month ago

Tomorrow morning, despite the chill in the air, I will be out with a small group of women "holding space for transformation. I expect to be there from around 9:30 until 11 am, in front of the Martin City Hall. Please feel free to bring your signs and chairs and join us.Will sitting out on a damp, fall Saturday morning with my signs calling for justice and change really do a damn thing?? Nope.But neither will sipping coffee under the covers w/ a book. And sitting out there with my signs might--just might--catch the eye of one passer-by who wonders what the hell we're trying to do...and maybe--just maybe--seeds will be planted...and transformation will grow. The 2, 3 or 4 of us who will be there are the remnants of what began as a larger local protest against ongoing racist police brutality, in the wake of George Floyd's murder by police in 2020. Since then, the officer was fired, arrested, convicted. Trump lost the 2020 election--well, at least that's what some of us seem to believe...Dems won back the majority in Congress (barely)...and despite a vicious global pandemic, life goes on...slowly everyone went back to their lives. Unfortunately now in late 2021, the reasons for standing for social justice, equity, and transformation remain--really unabated. One might argue that things in many ways are actually worse--as people in power and swaths of our fellow Americans are working tirelessly to limit our democratic, constitutionally-guaranteed rights, uphold institutional white supremacy without question, protect the interests of wealth at the expense of hard-working, tax-paying Americans. It's so tempting to give in to despair amid a growing sense of powerlessness in the face of ongoing injustice and the seeming inability of anyone in power to act and make real change. Especially for a cynic like me who already doesn't really like humans much--we are so much the cause of our ugliest problems, and I rarely thing we can/will do what it takes to solve the problems we continue to create.But for at least one more Saturday morning I will not quit...for one more time I'll be there, making a stand for justice, equity, and real transcendent a spirit of hope that we can in fact become better (even if I might not entirely really believe it!). ...
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