The Weakley County Reconciliation Project (WCRP) believes that conversations based on discovery and acknowledgment of our shared history are critical to the success of our community and region. Our work is to learn who we are and how we can be better. We are creating a social environment where civil, mature, and respectful conversations happen while learning who we are and how we can be better. Rather than blaming, shaming, or accusing anyone, we embrace our uniqueness and diversity and seek to use these qualities to fuel our continued progress toward becoming a leading community in Northwest Tennessee. Whatever your experience or perspective, we want to hear from you.

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08/14/2021 General Meeting Recording
Civil War/Confederate Monuments, Dr. David Coffey

Dr. Coffey joined us to reprise his talk from the 2021 Civil Rights Conference on the Civil War and America’s love/hate relationship with the Confederate Flag and Confederate Monuments. His talk comes in the context of the recent removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s status from the Tennessee Statehouse.

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6 days ago

Great interview! ...
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1 week ago

Everyone: the WCRP held our last general meeting for 2021 today. We will restart regular meetings again after the November and December holiday months, in early 2022. A couple of goals for 2022 include being once again involved in the UT Martin Civil Rights Conference in February, and revisiting our goal of a bus trip to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice/Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama (depending on where the country is with the Covid pandemic). Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining our History Committee, Outreach Committee, or Faith and Community Committee, and become more actively involved with the work of the WCRP in 2022, please email the WCRP at and let us know where you'd like to become involved. Meanwhile we invite members to continue to post news and articles related to our work, that you think will be of interest to WCRP members. Also, if you know anyone in Weakley County who you think might be interested in the work of WCRP, please be sure to direct them to our Facebook page and/or Website ( a very healthy and happy holiday season y'all!! See you in 2022!! ...
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2 weeks ago

Mark your calendars, everyone: Saturday, October 9th...10-11:30am, on Zoom--WCRP is excited to announce that Tennessee political candidate and racial/environmental justice advocate Marquita Bradshaw will be the guest speaker at our final WCRP General Meeting for 2021!!She will be talking about her work for environmental justice and founding her non-profit organization, Sowing Justice ( for anyone who is interested).A formal event will be created by Monday or Tuesday, and the Zoom link will be posted here and in our WCRP mailing list. Meanwhile, be sure to let anyone you think would be interested in hearing Ms. Bradshaw speak on the 9th know about the meeting!! ...
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3 weeks ago

Sit, calm yourself, and be transformed by this incredible story of hate and forgiveness. ...
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